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User Manual Contents

RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gifSetting up your Trac system
RgtArr.gifGroup Settings
B.gif Importing Course Enrollment Data
B.gif Generic Sections
B.gif Activating Sections
B.gif Changing Semesters
B.gif Activating Sections for a New Term
B.gif Consultant Section Specialties
B.gif Copy Specialties Utility
B.gif Section Groups
RgtArr.gifStudent Records
RgtArr.gifAppointment Scheduling
RgtArr.gifList Management
RgtArr.gifCustomize My Trac
Section Groups

Section Groups can be created for Consultants to conveniently classify a group of section specialties. If a Consultant, for example, specializes in all subjects available at a subcenter, but wants to create an availability or session strictly for Math sections, we can create a section Group for this Consultant to more conveniently create the correct availability.

Creating a Section Group

To create a section group, first navigate to the Sections tab of your Center Profile. Hover over the search glass on the right side of the Trac Navigation bar (top left corner of main menu) and select Center Profiles. Select the appropriate Center Profile and navigate to the Sections Tab.

From your Center Profile: sections tab, click List Options and choose to Switch to Section Groups.


Now click List Options and select New Section Group.


Enter the name of your new Section Group and click OK.


Creating a new section group will automatically select your Section group by default. To select your Section group, click Section Group Options and choose your Section Group.


The system will then notify you of your selection just above the Section Group Options menu.


At this point, we need to assign or add sections to our newly created Section Group. You can manually browse through the list of sections and activate sections by clicking on the center checkbox, or we can perform a search to expedite the process. For this example, we will search for all Math sections. Enter the term “MAT@” (the wildcard @ symbol will include all sections beginning with the term MAT into the Search field and hit Enter or Return to perform the search


After the search has been performed, a list of matching courses displays underneath. Click the checkbox to the right of each section to add the corresponding course to your Section Group. To add ALL 108 Math sections found (of 1681 total sections), click Section Group Options > Add these to JaneDoe – Math.


After clicking Add these to JaneDoe – Math, the 108 sections found in our search are now added to the JaneDoe – Math Section Group.


Now if Jane wants to create an Availability specifically for Math, she can do so simply by selecting her Section Group in the Subject field.


Now, only students enrolled in Math courses will be able to book appointments for this availability.