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Getting Started (Users)

Once you've purchased your Trac Application, and it has been installed, you may wonder what you're supposed to do next. These instructions will direct you through a step by step process of the basic setup and use of your Trac Application.

  1. Open a web browser, and enter the web address for your Trac Application (contact your IT department after installation to receive this address). Once at the sign in screen, enter your Username and password (contact Redrock Software for default username and password).

  2. If logged in for the first time, click on the Trac Man icon in the top left corner, and choose “My Prefs”. In the My Prefs window you can set the display settings for your main menu, to indicate which links you would like to appear there. When finished, press “Save Prefs”.

  3. Scroll over the Magnifying Glass in the Trac Navigation bar, and choose “Center Profiles”. This will bring you to the Center Profile listing. Click on the link of the Profile that you would like to manage. This will bring you to a page with seven tabs of preferences and records that will need to be set.

  4. If the Profile is not active, request an Activation code from Redrock Software by providing the Sequence Number of the Profile, and the type of profile (e.g. TutorTrac).

  5. Enter the Contact Information for the main Administrator for the Trac Application.

  6. Choose your Name for Consultants.

  7. Save the General Info tab, and Navigate to the Centers tab.

  8. As long as the Centers are willing to share Profile Preferences, you can add as many Centers as needed to the same Profile. Click on “Create New” to create a new Center, enter the SubCenter’s name, and press Save SubCenter.

  9. Create Groups needed to add Privileges for Users.

  10. Create Consultant accounts.

  11. Activate Sections and assign them to their respective Centers.

  12. Activate Reasons and assign them to their respective Centers.

  13. Access the Prefs tab of the Center Profile, and set up Log In/Out Preferences.

  14. Set up Scheduling Preferences.

  15. Create any Custom Questions to appear during Log In/Out process.

  16. Create Custom Lists for Students that need tracked.

  17. Set up Email Preferences.

  18. Enter Notices for Staff, Consultants, etc.

Your Center Profile preferences have now been set up. You are now ready to begin actively using the application to fit your campus needs. It is recommended that your campus begins with the basics of Creating Availabilities for Consultants, Booking Appointments for Students, Logging Visits for Students, and Running Reports. If you have additional questions, or would like to sign up for a training session on any of these topics, please visit ( and sign up for a training session to meet with a member of the Redrock Staff.