Running SI Reports

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Follow the steps below to run an SI Report at the end of the semester:

Be sure that grades have been reported by faculty and imported from your Student Information System.

1. Log in as a user/consultant that has appropriate access to the Registrations reports and Subcenter information needed to execute the SI Report.

2. Click on the TracMan Icon in the upper left and select ‘Reports’.

3. From the dropdown menu select the ‘Registrations’ category.

4. From the new list of reports choose the ‘SI Comparison’ report.

5. After the options load, choose a center to report on.

6. Select the ‘Visit Search’ link and enter the specific Section within the ‘Section’ field.

7. Select the ‘Registrations Search’ link and enter the specific Section within the ‘Course ID’ field. (note: the Visit Search and Registrations Search sections must match exactly).

8. Choose your date range (i.e. this semester).

9. For the ‘SI Group is:’ option, select ‘Visited’.

10. Adjust the passing and non-passing grades to meet your standards. (note, these must be in the correct format or they will generate an inaccurate report. Do not place any spaces after commas or between grades). (Good Example: a,a+,a-,b,b+,b-) (Poor Example: a, a+, a - , b , b +, b)

11. Adjust the ‘Affects of SI on Visits Breakdown’ to your preference. Once again, pay close attention in following the proper formatting.

12. Complete filling in the settings to meet your preferences and select ‘Generate’