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Reports are up and running!! If you aren't using reports yet give it a try! Common reports are Usage Snapshot, Students/Visits by, Visits/Students by, Attendance by Hour, and Center Usage & Demographics by.

Reports are a widely utilized feature and let you view all your center's information in a widely customizable and simple manner. You can choose from a list of standard reports or you can choose to run a custom report. Standard reports are listed by category and under each category there are different types.

To run a standard report, from the home screen click on Reports in the Quick Reports box, or from the Trac Man icon Tracman.jpg and click Reports. If the Quick Reports box is not on your main screen then you need to turn it on in your preferences. Click the Trac Man icon and click My prefs. Click on the check box next to Quick Reports. The quick reports box will now be on your main screen, you may need to refresh the page. To run a custom report click on custom in the quick reports box.

 Click here to see a few example reports.

Access to Reports

In order to access reports a user needs the correct authorization from administrators. By default only system administrators can generate and view reports.

To give users or groups access to reports you need to open the center profile and click the group access tab. The Group Access tab lets you grant access to many functions, including reports, to groups in the center as well as groups outside the center. To allow a group access to reports select the check box under Reports for the appropriate group.


Now click on the name of the group you want to have access to reports. This will bring you to the Groups Entry screen. Under the Center Access tab there is a section called Report on. You can select the centers you want this group to be able to generate and view reports on.

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Next, click on the Restrictions tab. You need to uncheck the Prevent access to Reports box and be sure to save. The group will now have access to reports.

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Standard Reports

Standard reports are organized by category. You can pick from a number of categories which displays a list of reports. The categories in standard reports are scheduling, payroll, material/resources, center usage/demographics, students by, missed appointments, progress reports, other, and sage.

To run a standard report click on "reports" in the quick reports box. You will see the Report Chooser screen and it will ask you to choose a report category. The drop down list is the list of categories, and the window just below lists the reports that are in the selected category. Select the category you want and then select the report you want. When you have selected a report different options depending on the report will be displayed to the right. Once you have filled out the options and are ready to see the report click Generate.

Reports will always open in a new tab or window.


The favorites category can hold custom reports that you want to access frequently. When you create a custom report there is an option to add report to favorites on the right side.

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