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The Appointments/Students by ?? report displays Appointment data for your subcenter(s). Information can be organized and sorted via the “Group Appointment By” and “Group 2” fields. For each group selected, the dates and times are listed as well as Appointment status (attended, cancelled, missed), student, and subject. The report can be regenerated for a specific center, an individual student, group of students, an individual Consultant, or for different date and time ranges. Additional fields can be added with regards to Student, Appointment, and Visit Information.

The Students/Visits by Report will provide a total number of students and visits, grouped by the chosen field on the left. Each field is listed with its associated students, individual student data, number of visits by the student, and total hours of each visit.

The Visits/Students by Report provides visit data through a variety of fields. Data can be grouped by two fields of your choice through the Group Visits By and Group 2 fields. Additional Fields can include student ID, name, date, times, subject, reason, and visit notes. Total visits and hours are listed beneath each section.