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Custom Fields can be used to receive input from the students. You can have up to 8 custom fields.

  • To create a custom field click on a Custom Field Visit # or click create new and fill out the fields on the following screen.

  • Type your question in the Name / Prompt field.
  • Choose the Type of input you want. Either text or alpha. Text is a text box that a student can fill in, and alpha is text with multiple choices.
  • In the Choices field type in the different choices the student can choose from. Each choice must be on it's own line.
  • The Appears field lets you choose when the custom field when appear. At Login appears when a student logs in. At Logout when a student logs out. Visit Entry Only appears when a consultant records a visit entry.
  • You can choose whether the the custom field is required or not by checking Required.
  • Access Options allows you to choose who has access to view the student input.