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Moving appointments from one time to another can be done on the schedule by clicking and dragging. You may also use the Move To button from within the appointment entry screen to move the appointment.

Note, the Move To button feature requires Trac 4.0 engine version 20100429.

Moving Appointments Overview

In order to drag appointments from one day to another, you must have the appropriate privileges (the ability to edit appointments). These privileges are edited on the scheduling tab of the Group prefs as well as the Center Scheduling area on the first page of the Group privileges.

Moving by clicking the Move To button has a lot of flexibility and a but more wider reaching affects, therefore a special privilege for moving the appointment is given by clicking on the checkboxes located in the scheduling tab of the Group preferences.

Practical Uses for Moving by Clicking the Move To button

One example of a use of this feature is when a student has scheduled with the wrong consultant in the center. After getting a confirmation email, the student might want to change the consultant or the center administrator may get the confirmation and then decide that the student is incorrectly booked with the wrong consultant. Clicking the move to allows the administrator to quickly choose a different consultant, a different day and a different time. Any time conflicts are identified during this process, making rescheduling easy and effective.

The button is available in the appointment entry for existing appointments only
This button only appears in the appointment entry if the user's group has the Move To option checked and the appointment is an existing appointment.

Setting up the Preferences

The Group Preferences for allowing the Move To option is on the Scheduling tab of the Group entry page.
Edit preferences by clicking the appropriate checkboxes and clicking save

You may prevent the user from moving an appointment to another consultant by not checking the second checkbox. If the checkbox is checked, the appointment may only be moved to another consultant that is linked to the same center as the original appointment.

Be sure to click Save after making the desired choices.

Using the Move To Option

Open an existing appointment and locate the Move To button to the right of the appointment's date. Click the button to display the Move To dialog.

The Move To dialog
This is a way to move appointments from one consultant / date / time to another. Changing dates, times or consultants causes the system to display the new availabilities. The change button will appear if the chosen options do not conflict with an existing appointment.

When the Move To dialog appears, choose a date or consultant. Notice that the system will compute any availabilities on that date. Click on the availability to change the start time of the appointment to the start time of the availability. You don't not have to click the availability, you may also enter the new start time by clicking the time and choosing a new time by using the standard time picker.

After doing so the Change button will appear. Click the change button to record the changes and the appointment will disappear and the schedule will reappear.

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