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Follow the steps below to move an appointment from one consultant to another:

1. Log in as a user that has the ability to edit appointments and view the schedule.

2. Click on the TracMan Icon and select the ‘Schedule’ option.

3. Click on the Center/Consultant who is currently assigned to the appointment that you would like to move.

4. Find the appointment that needs to be moved and click on it to open the Appointments Entry window.

5. From here, next to the ‘Date:’ field, click the ‘Move To:’ option.

6. This will open a new window allowing you to select a different consultant, day and/or time to change the appointment to.

7. Once you have selected a day and time, click the ‘Change’ button that appears.

Remember, if your account has overrides you can place an appointment in another consultant’s schedule even if they don’t have availability at that time, so be careful.