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Getting Started Contents

Resources for Getting Help
Plan to Succeed
Install Your Software
Configure Your Trac System
Install Your Trac System

The Trac System is quick to install with the standard options. You may choose to make changes to the installation after it has been installed, so do not worry about installing it 'incorrectly'. It can always be modified. The Trac system application installs on Windows OS platforms. The System Requirements for the server are very minimal and a nice desktop machine would be more than sufficient. A simple server that exceeds the system requirements could be built for less than $1000. You have options to encrypt the web site for your Trac System. You can run your site off the standard HTTP port 80, HTTPS port 443, or any other port. You can install your Trac System as a service so it starts automatically with the server. You can set your Trac System to run on a second IP Address or second port.

There are many installation options available to you. These are described in greater detail in the Technical Documentation.

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