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User Manual Contents

RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gifSetting up your Trac system
RgtArr.gifGroup Settings
B.gif Importing Course Enrollment Data
B.gif Generic Sections
B.gif Activating Sections
B.gif Changing Semesters
B.gif Activating Sections for a New Term
B.gif Consultant Section Specialties
B.gif Copy Specialties Utility
B.gif Section Groups
RgtArr.gifStudent Records
RgtArr.gifAppointment Scheduling
RgtArr.gifList Management
RgtArr.gifCustomize My Trac
Importing Course Data

Students’ course information may also be Imported into your Trac system using your current registrar’s Student Information System (an SIS like Banner, PeopleSoft or DataTel) as a source, create file to be imported into your Trac System.

First we need to decide which specific fields need to be extracted from your SIS. Typical fields used for example, are Course ID, section ID, Course Title, Term ID, Instructor ID, Instructor Name, and Grade.

Once your Administrators have decided which fields would be beneficial or essential, we will need to work with your Campus’ IT department to facilitate the data Extract from your SIS.

We prefer two files - a student file (named TracStudents) and a course enrollment file (named TracCourses). Create sample files with 5-10 lines and header rows with the fields you would like to import. These two files will then need to be placed on your Trac server in the Trac application Import folder.

The Trac application will not import data from Excel files and the order and delimiter of the fields is completely up to your preference. However, the format, order, and delimiter of the fields must remain consistent with every import.

Registration Import Fields

Extremely Important: any changes to the import files must be timed with Redrock changes to the import script.

Code Field Types
A## Alpha field of a certain maximum length (you do not have format to this length)
#L Long Integer (-2.1 billion to +2.1 billion)
#R Real Value (decimal # with 12 digits precision)
# Small Integer (-32676 to +32676)
B Boolean (Yes/No)
D Date (mmddyyyy or yyyymmdd or mm/dd/yyyy), please specify format utilized

Name Type Required Description
Student ID #L Yes The unique numeric ID of the student. In some cases the ID is the secondary alphanumeric ID - please indicate to us which ID will be utilized.
Course Subject A40 Yes The course in which the student is enrolled
Course Section A40 Yes The section in which the student is enrolled
Course Title A80 Yes The name of the course in which the student is enrolled
Term # Yes The term code for the semester that the student is enrolled in: 032 might be the year 2003 Spring, and 034 might be the year 2004 Summer.
Instructor ID A20 * Unique identifier to find and create unique faculty instructors
Instructor First Name A40 * The first name of the course instructor
Instructor Last Name A40 * The last name of the course instructor
Instructor Email A80 * The Email address of the instructor - required if sending automatic emails to instructors
Instructor Phone A20 The phone number of the instructor
Instructor Sal A8 The Salutation or Degree for the instructor (Phd, etc.)
Instructor Username A20 * The instructor's username to log in to your Trac application online - required if you plan to log faculty in through LDAP, Active Directory, or Single Sign-On
Course Grade A20 The Grade received for this course.
Value # The Numeric grade value
Date D Date grade/report issued.
Type A40 The report type (midterm, final, etc.) In some cases it is simply a flag used by the system to indicate the disposition of the course (REGISTERED, DROPPED, WITHDRAWN).

Registration Import Fields With Class Schedule

Name Type Required Description
Date Begin D MM/DD/YYYY – date the course begins
Date End D MM/DD/YYYY – date the course ends
Monday A2 Populate with “MO” if the class is in session on Monday.
Tuesday A2 Populate with “TU” if the class is in session on Tuesday.
Wednesday A2 Populate with “WE” if the class is in session on Wednesday.
Thursday A2 Populate with “TH” if the class is in session on Thursday.
Friday A2 Populate with “FR” if the class is in session on Friday.
Saturday A2 Populate with “SA” if the class is in session on Saturday.
Sunday A2 Populate with “SU” if the class is in session on Sunday.
Start Time A6 ##:## - Time of day the individual class begins. Military time is preferred.
Duration # Number of minutes the individual class is in session. (Class start time minus class end time).