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User Manual Contents

RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gif Administrator Options
RgtArr.gif Records and Accounts
DwnArr.gif Group Settings
B.gifCenter Access
B.gifUsers List
B.gifKiosk List
B.gifStudent Entry
B.gifLog In/Out
RgtArr.gif Appointment Scheduling
RgtArr.gif Visits
User List

The User List tab shows all users in the chosen group and create new users within the group. An important distinction to make is that users are different than consultants.

From the User List you can see whether a user will be asked to confirm their Prefs at their next login (under Prf Cnf), move a user to a different group, and see when a user last logged in.


To access the settings below, follow this path. Search Glass -> Center Profile -> Choose a profile -> Group Access -> Click on a group name -> User List.

Creating Users
  • Under 'User List for this Group' click on Create new.
  • Enter in a login name, the person's name, and the password twice. Click Save User to save.

You will set the rights and privileges for each group, and each user created in the group will have those rights.

Editing Users

Click on the Login Name of the user you want to edit. This will display the user's account details.


From here you can edit their Login Name, Name, Password, and email. You can also lock the user to an IP address so that their account can only be logged into on from the IP you enter under "Lock to IP Addr:". "Auto switch to KIOSK Mode:" causes the user to automatically switch to the chosen KIOSK when they log in.

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