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User Manual Contents

RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gif Administrator Options
RgtArr.gif Records and Accounts
DwnArr.gif Group Settings
B.gifCenter Access
B.gifUsers List
B.gifKiosk List
B.gifStudent Entry
B.gifLog In/Out
RgtArr.gif Appointment Scheduling
RgtArr.gif Visits
Student Entry

The Student Entry tab contains a set of check boxes which allow or restrict access to functions pertaining to the Student Entry.

To access the settings below, follow this path. Search Glass -> Center Profile -> Choose a profile -> Group Access -> Click on a group name -> Student Entry.

  • StudentEntry.JPG

Most options are labeled according to their function, but some options (listed below) may require a little more explanation.

  • "Restrict To" Restricts view of the student entry to a specific list of students for the chosen group.
  • "Student Entry Form" Allows degrees of access to the General info tab of the student entry.
  • Locking appointments, statuses, or notes makes them un-editable after the specified number of days.

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