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Groups allow you to establish the access levels for certain individuals and then assign the individuals to the group. You are no longer forced into the Administrator, Student Worker, and Instructor categories. You establish your own groups, as many as you like, and determine how they are named and what access levels they are given. Within the group, you can create the Users who are assigned to this group and share this specific set of privileges.

Creating Groups

Creating a GROUP (Creation and Center Access Tab)

Depending on the needs of the Profile or Subcenter you may need to create one or more GROUPS.

From the Center Profile screen select the “Group Access” and then click “Create New”.


This will open a Group Entry Screen on the Center Access tab.

First you will assign this Group a name. in the “Group Name” field.


In the Center and Sub Center Access area you will assign what Centers this group will have Access to.

Log Visits To: This is where you will list the Center or Centers that the Users and Consultants can Log Students in for a visit. Either through the Log Listing Screen or via Quick Visits. You can select the Center or Centers via Drop down menu, clicking “all” to select all available Centers or “clear” to remove all Centers. By Clicking on the title of the Center you can select a Level of access.

*Red: Log, No View - Log a Student for a Visit however the User cannot see those visits on the Log Listing.
*White: Log and View – Full Access. Can log and view the Student in the Log Listing.
*Blue: View only, no Logging - Can View students on the Log Listing, cannot log students in or out.

View Schedules: This preference controls what Centers schedules the Users and Consultants can view when using the Scheduling or Availability Search screens. You can select the Center or Centers via Drop down menu, clicking “all” to select all available Centers or “clear” to remove all Centers. By Clicking on the title of the Center you can select a Level of access.

*White: Full access to Scheduling and Searching Available.
*Blue: Can view the Schedule, can Edit Availabilities but not Appointments.
*Red: Can view the Schedule can edit appointments but not Availabilities.
*Yellow: Cannot view the Schedule but may still Search Availabilities.

View Visits: This Preference Controls what Center Visits the Users and Consultants can see from the Visit Search, Student Visit History and Reports areas of Trac 4.0. You can select the Center or Centers via Drop down menu, clicking “all” to select all available Centers or “clear” to remove all Centers.


Report On: This Preference controls what Centers that Users or Consultants are can run reports on. Overall access to reports is controlled in the Group Privilege settings, the Reports checkbox.


Other areas include:

Messages: Here you can determine what Message Types the Users of this group can view.

Post Doc Types: Here you can set the Document Post types that the users of this group are allowed to access.

Access to Lists: The Student lists that the user is able to access. This list can be set to “Search and Edit” or “Search Only”.

Access to Surveys: This is used in conjunction with the optional SurveyTrac module. Set the Surveys that this group is allowed to access.


Group Privileges

  • Log Visits gives the users the ability to log students in to the center and places the mini log on the main menu screen.
mini log
  • View Visits allows the users in the group to view the center's visit activity.
  • The reports checkbox gives the users of the group access to generating reports about the center, and places the reports window on the home screen if that user is not prevented from viewing reports which is the default.
  • The Schedule checkbox gives the users of the group access to the schedule for the center and allows them to search for availabilities. Also places the schedule window on the home screen.
  • The admin checkbox gives the users of the group access to the center preferences. Typically the system administrators will have this checked and very few others.

Creating Users

  • Under 'User List for this Group' click on Create new.

  • Enter in a login name, the person's name, and the password twice. Click Save User to save.

You will set the rights and privileges for each group, and each user created in the group will have those rights.


Kiosk Accounts are also a new change in 4.0. You no longer create Kiosk Accounts with their own Username/Password combination. You will never log into TutorTrac 4.0 as a Kiosk. Instead you can create Kiosks within the Groups Entry. Then any User assigned to the same Group can switch to kiosk mode. There is no need to create or remember any special Usernames and Passwords for the kiosks. A User (this might be an administrator, coordinator, supervisor, front desk staff, student worker, etc.) can log into the student sign-in station with their own account, and then switch to Kiosk mode from the Trac Navigation Menu by clicking on the TracMan icon.

A Kiosk account provides your users with a sign-in station that that can run autonomously. Students can sign into a Kiosk station when arriving and departing their visit. The Kiosk Station does not have to be staffed in the conventional sense and does not need to be actively overseen by a staff member.

Because a Kiosk account is used by the Student the access is very restricted. From a Kiosk a student may

  • Log in for a Visit
  • Log out of a Visit

The Kiosk is not used for any other activity and as a result students cannot access any confidential information from the KIOSK mode.


To create a Kiosk account you should click the “Magnifying Glass” in the Trac Navigation Window and then Select “CENTERS”


On the Center Profile Listing screen Click the Center Profile that your Kiosk will belong to.


On the Center Profile screen click on the “Group Access” tab.


Click on the Group (Link to Creating Groups) you wish to create the Kiosk for


When the Group Entry Screen opens you will click on the “User List” Tab. Then Click the “Create New” button. This will allow you to name your KIOSK and assign a Linked Sub-Center. Select the Sub-Center you want to associate your KIOSK account with from the “Linked Sub-Center” dropdown. Once you have entered this information click “Save KIOSK” You have now created a Kiosk Account.




To Enable your KIOSK on a computer station Log into a Web Browser (I.E. , Firefox, etc) with a USER Account from the SAME group as your KIOSK. Click on the Trac Navigation “Tracman” and Select “Enter KIOSK…”


On the Pick a Kiosk Screen select the appropriate KIOSK from the list. Once you click the KIOSK name a new window will open with the Kiosk account. The User will be automatically logged out of their User account and the KIOSK Station is now ready to use.


Again, the Group Access page of the Center Profile allows you to view, create, and edit privileges for groups of users. Although you will create individual users within each group, you no longer have to establish individual privileges. Groups will be created with access levels to specific features and centers. Users are assigned to the groups so you can quickly establish similar user access levels.