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You can embed a Youtube video in almost any HTML supported text box in the Trac System. This is frequently utilized as an alternative way to provide instructions to students on booking appointments, joining online sessions, or otherwise.

How do I Embed a Youtube Video in the Trac System?

1. Retrieve and Modify Your Youtube Video Link

Once you have your Youtube link, it should look something like this:
There are two changes you'll need to make to the URL. Alternatively, you can just grab your video's ID and replace the ID in the example below to skip these steps.
  • Replace "/watch?v=" with "/embed/". This sets the video to an embedded format.
  • Add "?rel=0" to the end of the link. This prevents unrelated videos being suggested at the end.
Now, you should have something that looks like this:

2. Modify The HTML Code

We'll be using this HTML code as a template, and we just need to make a couple changes.
On the first line, we have our width and height. This will be the size/resolution of the video. 640x360 should work well in most cases.
On the second line, we have our Youtube link. Simply replace the link you see below with your own.
<object width="640" height="360"

3. Adding it to Your Trac System

In this example, we'll be adding this code to the students' welcome screen. This will work the same way in almost any HTML supported text box in the Trac System.
Simply copy/paste your HTML code into the "Message for Full Access Students" box, then save.
Trac Navigation > Trac-Man > Utilities and Prefs > System Prefs > StudentAccess

Once it's in place, it will now appear on the students' welcome screen.


Does the Trac System Only Support Youtube Videos?

In theory, any video platform that supports the <object> tag should work. Unfortunately, some alternatives (like Vimeo) only support the <iframe> tag, which doesn't work on the Trac System.