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What are the steps to allow students to book an appointment online?


  • 1. Allow TutorTrac to be available off campus network.
  • 2. Implementing TLS encryption for your Trac server. If you choose to obtain your own certificate, be sure to retrieve an Apache X509-compatible certificate, as this is the only certificate type that is compatible with the Trac System. http://wiki.go-redrock.com/wiki/TechStunnel
  • 3. To use campus credentials (Single Sign-on or SSO) to sign into your Trac System, there are a few choices. Our preferred authentication method is SAML, but you may also use CAS or LDAP. Shibboleth may be used, but only when it has a SAML or CAS front end. http://wiki.go-redrock.com/wiki/TechAuthentication
  • 4. The Trac System allows anonymous, non-secure SMTP communication, but cannot inherently send authenticated, secure SMTP messages. If an Office 365 or Gmail mail server is used, in most cases, authentication will be required. In cases where authentication is required, we will need to configure a third-party application called email relay on the host server. Email Relay allows the Trac System to accept anonymous, SMTP connections, and then make the secure SMTP connection to Office 365 or Gmail. http://wiki.go-redrock.com/wiki/TechEmailTool
  • 5. Have the latest updates and maintenance ran on the Trac application. Requires 1-2 hours of down time and we will need server access.

Trac Administrators

  • 1. Set up training to online feature and how to manage the schedule for consultants.