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When generating reports in your Trac application, you have two Delivery methods: Screen and Email. When a report is delivered to your screen, it will appear on-screen after it has completed. When a report is delivered to your Email, the recipient will recieve an email with the report as an attached HTML page. Opening the HTML page, the recipient has a full page of the report to print or keep for records.

To Email a Report, start by finding the report which you would like to email. Enter your date range and report parameters. Choose the Email Delivery option.


Enter an email address for the recipient of the report under the Delivery options. You can enter multiple email addresses by separating them by a semicolon.

When your report parameters are set and the email address(es) are entered, click Generate to initiate the report.


The report is generated as a file and is emailed as an attachment to the email. The subject of the email will be the report title.


The report will appear just as it does to a user generating the report on-screen. This report is a snapshot of the data at the time that the email was sent. If any data is back-entered or changed, it will not change the report that was sent by email. To provide updates, a new report would need to be generated.