Delete recurring availabilities

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Here are the steps to Deleting a recurring availability.

In the screenshot below you will find a scheduled 9am appointment for an entire week.


Let’s say we want to Delete the Thursday at 9am Appointment, but leave all others intact. Click on the “X” for that appointment.


A screen will appear asking if you want to Delete this one single appointment, Delete All or Cancel. Select “Delete This”


Now the Single appointment on Thursday is deleted, all other remaining appointments are still there.


Another Option is rather than delete the appointment mark it as cancelled.

To continue our example let’s cancel the Friday appointment for our student. Click on the Time of the appointment to open the Appointment entry screen.


From the appointment Entry screen Change the Status drop down to “Cancelled” Then Click “SAVE”


The Cancelled Appointment is removed from the schedule, just like deleting the appointment. So that day can now be “Rescheduled”


Either method you choose to use still enables the cancelled appointment to be reported on. Here is the Appointment History for our Example Student and the difference between the two methods as displayed.