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User Manual Contents

RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gifSetting up your Trac system
RgtArr.gifGroup Settings
B.gif Importing Course Enrollment Data
B.gif Generic Sections
B.gif Activating Sections
B.gif Changing Semesters
B.gif Activating Sections for a New Term
B.gif Consultant Section Specialties
B.gif Copy Specialties Utility
B.gif Section Groups
RgtArr.gifStudent Records
RgtArr.gifAppointment Scheduling
RgtArr.gifList Management
RgtArr.gifCustomize My Trac
Copy Specialties Utility

The Copy Specialties Utility allows you to copy the same sections from one term to another.

The Copy Specialties option is found in the Utilities and Preferences. Select the Custom Utility Tab and click on Copy Specialties.

The Copy Specialties Utility allows you to specify some options. Specify which term the specialties are copied from and to which term they are copied. Choose whether the previous tutor specialties are removed or are left as tutor specialties. Select if the Copy Specialties Utility will be run for all tutors from all centers, for all tutors from a specific center, or for just a specific tutor. Click Execute to run the Utility.