Changing Campus Logo

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The Trac system provides a place for a logo image to appear as a banner in the upper-right corner of your Trac system web pages and there are two option for loading your campus logo.

The first option is for the IT or user that has access to the Trac server. They can replace the GIF image file named SchoolBanner.gif and is placed on the Trac server in the Webfolder/TracWeb40 folder of your Trac application installation directory with the campus logo.

The second option is for the Sysadmin or main user to the Trac application. That user will click on the Trac Man icon, and choose Utilities and Prefs. Under the Custom Utility Tab, click on the drop down box, and select Sys Admin. Select the Utility to Upload Campus Logo, and click Execute. This will bring up a page asking you to find the logo, and upload it to your system.

NOTE: Make sure the image height doesn't exceed 75 pixels and the width doesn't exceed 350 pixels for optimal appearance. You can change your logo at anytime using either method.

Sys Admin Utilities.jpg