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Each profile can contain an unlimited number of sub-Centers. The Centers are created and listed from this page of the Center Profile. Each Center is created with a name and can be marked Active or Inactive. The Centers can also be removed/deleted when they are no longer required. When a Center is removed/deleted, then the associated appointments and visits will no longer have a relationship to the Center.

Create a Sub Center

  • When logged in with an appropriate Admin account Click on the Magnifying Glass in the Trac Navigation box and select “CENTER PROFILES”

This will open the Center Profile Listing where you will see all the Trac Modules currently installed in your Trac 4.0 system (TutorTrac, AdvisorTrac, FitnessTrac and LabTrac)

  • Click on the Center Profile you wish to create your Sub Center in.

This will open the Center Profile.

  • Click the “Centers” Tab and then click the “Create New” button.

This will open a new screen that will allow us to create our new Sub Center.

  • Enter a name for your Sub Center in the “Subcenter Name” field. Other options on this page will allow you to make the Center Inactive or to Constrain Student Booking to a Specific Group of Students.
  • Once you have named your Sub Center click “Save”.

Our New Sub Center now appears on our Center Listing page.

Center Options

Clicking on the center name brings up some options.

You can change the name of the center, and make a center inactive. You can also delete centers here.

Constrain Student Booking To: This allows you to restrict certain students from booking appointments to the subcenter. Select one of your existing custom lists in the drop down menu, and click save. Only students that belong to the list you selected will be able to book appointments. Click Prefs: Custom Lists for more information on custom lists.