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User Manual Contents

RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gif Administrator Options
RgtArr.gif Records and Accounts
RgtArr.gif Group Settings
DwnArr.gif Appointment Scheduling
B.gif Consultant Availability
B.gif Schedule an Appointment
B.gif Search for Availability
B.gif Appointment Reminders
RgtArr.gif Visits
Schedule an Appointment

Appointments for students can be created by filling an availability or by creating a standalone appointment.
Filling an Availability

When viewing the schedule, find the availability you would like to schedule a student for. For this example, the appointment will be booked for the 11AM availability on Monday.

  • Click on the blue drop-down arrow to the left of the availability time to open the student search bar.

  • Type in the ID or last name of the student you'd like to book, and once they have been found click on their ID number in blue to select them.

  • This will bring up the Appointments Entry window where you can enter the details for the appointment. Depending on your center prefs, these fields may or may not be required.

  • Fill in the desired fields then click save to save your appointment. Your Appointments entry window will refresh and you'll see a verification in red text at the top of the window that your appointment was saved.

Creating a Standalone Appointment

If your center prefs and group permissions permit, you can create an standalone appointment that does not require an availability for the desired date and time. A standalone appointment is made in a similar way to creating an availability.

  • When viewing the schedule, click and drag starting at the desired start time for the appointment and ending at the desired end time. Before letting go, press the "A" key on your keyboard to toggle between creating an availability, appointment, or block. The appointment will be grey.

  • When the box is grey, release your mouse. A window will appear where you can type in the ID or last name of a student and press enter to search for them. Select them for the appointment by clicking on their ID number in blue.

  • Next an Appointments Entry window will appear and you can finish booking the appointment in the same way the appointment from an availability was booked.

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