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User Manual Contents

RgtArr.gif Introduction
RgtArr.gifSetting up your Trac system
RgtArr.gifGroup Settings
RgtArr.gifStudent Records
DwnArr.gifAppointment Scheduling
B.gif Booking an Appointment (as a user)
B.gif Booking an Appointment (as a student)
B.gif Center Prefs - Appointment Options
B.gif Group Access - Appointment Options
B.gif Appointment Status
RgtArr.gifList Management
RgtArr.gifCustomize My Trac
Appointment Status
Appointment Statuses can be defined in your Center Profile Prefs Tab and fully customized to include any status that your campus deems as necessary. The three major default statuses for Appointments are Attended, Missed, and Cancelled. However, campuses commonly add additional statuses to further differentiate or associate meaning. For example: Student Missed, Tutor Missed, Student Cancelled, Tutor Cancelled, or No Call No Show (NCNS).

Appointment records can be processed in several different areas within your Trac system. As an Administrator, Front Desk Worker, or Consultant with the appropriate privileges, we can access the Schedule (TracMan > Schedule). We can then process Appointment records based on Consultant selection. Click on a Consultant’s name in the Personnel List to bring up their weekly Schedule.


Click on the time slot of an Appointment that displays as a blue hyperlink to open that Appointment record.


In the Appointment Entry window, we are able to modify the Status of the Appointment, or any other field (if given sufficient privileges). As a Consultant, the fields that are usually the most important are the Status and Notes fields.



Click Save to Save the Appointment Record.

As a Consultant, Appointment records can also be accessed through the Schedule Tab in the Center of your Main Menu.


Appointment records can also be accessed through the Student Record (with appropriate privileges). Student Records can be accessed from the Student Listings (Search Glass > Students) through a Search. If you are searching for one student, a convenient method of searching can be to simply type the last name (comma separated) and first name or ID number in the Trac Navigation bar in the upper left corner, and select the student record as it appears below.


From the student record, select the History Tab and navigate to the Appointments subtab.