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Connect to a Mail Server

The Trac application can send emails to students, consultants, faculty, and other staff. In order to send emails efficiently, your Trac system will use a mail server at your institution to forward or relay the emails. That requires some configuration and there is a tool in your Trac system to help you test the connection before enabling the email settings in the Trac system.

Email Tool

The Email Tool is used to test and verify the settings to connect to the university Mail Server in order set up the Trac system to send emails to the users. The correct settings are confirmed when the emails send through this screen are received. To test on your own, use the form to email yourself. When the correct settings are found, you will want to enter the correct MailServer in the System Preferences. If authentication is required, then enter the username and password in the popName and popPass Advanced Preferences.

Mail Server & Port

The Mail Server is the IP Address or DNS for your Mail Server. The default port for the mail server connection is 25, but your system may utilize a different port. The Mail Server from your successful test needs to be entered in your System Preferences MailServer setting. If the mail forwarding is from a port other than 25, then the Mail Server needs to be entered in the System Preferences with a :## appended to the server address where ## is the mail server port.

User ID & Password
The Username and Password fields are for the user's credentials to send email. If the username and password are required to send the email, then these values need to be entered in the Advanced Preferences, popName and popPass.

Authentication Method
If authentication is required to send email, then set this to TRUE

From Email Address
The From Email Address field is the email address from which the test email is sent.

To Email Address
The To Email Address field is the email address to which the test email is sent.

Email Subject Line
The Email Subject Line field is the subject of the test email.

Email Message
The Email Message field is the body of the test email.

Display Verbose Logging in Results
The Display Verbose Logging checkbox enables a detailed log of the mail process. This allows for troubleshooting if sending the email fails.

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