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Follow the steps below to activate courses for a new semester: Be sure that all new courses have been imported.

1. Log in as a System Administrator.

2. Click on the TracMan Icon in the upper left corner, scroll down and select ‘Utilities and Prefs’.

3. From the tabs that open, select the second tab titled ‘System Prefs’.

4. Scroll down to the ‘Campus Information’ Category and find ‘Current Term’.

5. Open the ‘Current Term’ link and replace the previous term code with the new one and click ‘Save’ and close the Batch Utilities window.

6. Hover over the Search Glass and select ‘Center Profiles’.

7. Select the Center Profile you want to activate your courses within.

8. Select the ‘Sections’ tab and type in the new term within the ‘Term’ field. This should bring up all of your current courses.

9. When viewing the courses, they should all be checked on the left. This indicates that they are active and ready to be assigned to Consultants and Centers.

10. From the ‘Subcenter Options’ dropdown list in the middle of the window, select the Sub-Center that you would like to activate courses for. If none show up, re-type the term in the ‘Term Field’.

11. Once the courses are visible, select the courses to be assigned to the subcenter by checking the box in the middle of the window below the ‘Subcenter Options’ dropdown menu.

12. Option: if you want to activate all courses for a specific Subcenter, click the ‘Subcenter Options’ menu and select ‘Add these to…’ at that time, all of the courses that are visible will be added to that particular subcenter.

13. Option: to activate a specific subject (i.e. all math courses or all English courses), you can search by using the wildcard (@) within the search field. (i.e. MAT@). At this time all of the courses that begin with (MAT) would show up. You can now select these courses for your subcenter.

14. Once you’ve completed activation for all of your subcenters, you’ll want to activate the ‘Section Specialties’ for your Consultants. This can be done individually, but for maximum efficiency follow the remaining steps.

15. Close the ‘Center Profiles’ window, click on the TracMan Icon and select ‘Utilities and Prefs’.

16. From the ‘Custom Utility’ tab under the ‘Standard’ dropdown menu, select ‘Copy Specialties’.

17. Two fields will appear asking you to type in the previous term and the new term. It also gives you the option of clearing the existing specialties. Type in the correct information and decide to check/uncheck the box.

18. From the ‘Consultant/Center’ dropdown menu, you’ll have three types of options:

a. The ‘All’ option. All subcenters and consultants will be affected.

b. The ‘Center’ option. All consultants associated with that center will be affected.

c. The ‘Consultant’ option. Choose a specific consultant and only his/her specialties will be changed. Click ‘Execute’ to complete the process.

Once you have activated your courses, you’ll be able to create availabilities with the new Section Specialties associated with them.