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Welcome to the Redrock Wiki,
the online resource for information and tutorials on the Trac systems.
356 articles
The Redrock Wiki contains information pertaining to version 4.0 and later of the Trac products. The Trac products are TutorTrac (TT), AdvisorTrac (AT), FitnessTrac (FT), and LabTrac (LT). The Redrock Wiki also provides information related to modules, such as SurveyTrac (ST), Whiteboard (WB), SAGE, Text Alerts, and MobileView. Redrock Software continues to develop new program features and will update Wiki articles related to these features. Wiki articles may only be created and edited by Redrock Software support staff, so please let us know if you have any ideas for new Wiki articles.

Getting Started

Whether you have recently purchased and installed your Trac 4.0 system or you have recently upgraded from a previous version of the Trac software, you should visit the Getting Started section of the Redrock Wiki for information on setting up your initial preferences and settings.

User Manual

The User Manual contains information and instruction to help you set up the Trac system. Instructions include setting preferences, profiles, and group settings and also covers the basic functions of the system, such as scheduling appointments and recording visits.


The Redrock Newsletters give users a focused look at a unique Trac system feature or utility and gives suggestions on how to use those features to improve the Trac experience.

Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation is written for the technical staff that installs and supports the Trac software at your institution. The Technical Documentation contains detailed information on the installation of the Trac software and any related issues that may occur during the installation.

Reports Guide

The Reports Guide contains examples and instruction to help you generate meaningful and powerful reports from your Trac system. Reports may simply be total numbers or might contain details about each visit. Favorite reports can be saved and even set up to be emailed automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

The list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been compiled through the emails and phone calls received by the Redrock Support Team. The questions and answers are not organized in an ordered format, but rather as a collective group of questions that you can quickly scan and search.

More Redrock Wiki Information

You can find a list of the recent changes organized by their release.