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Please find below instructions to automatically and manually run your import script and check on its status.

From your main menu click on the “TracMan” in the “Trac Navigation” window and select “Utilities and Prefs” Then on the Batch Utility window select the “Automated Events” Tab.


Click on the Link for the “Auto Import” Event. This will open the Event Entry screen.

Here you will set and can see • When the event is scheduled: Daily, weekly, monthly, etc • What time the import will happen • If the import will run. Make sure Pending is checked!

When you’re done hit Save.


You can also launch the Import from the same “Automated Events” by clicking the green “execute” button


In addition you can also run the import and check on its status from the Batch Utilities Screen. When on the Batch Utilities screen click the “Custom Utility” tab Make sure “Standard” is selected and click “Import Student Data” and then click “Execute”


To check on the status of an import from the same “Custom Utilities” tab click “View Import Status” and then click Execute.


This will display detailed information on your most recent import including…

• Date and Time • What import files were used • How many students were imported and created • How many registrations/Sections and subjects were imported.


How to set up your import script.