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User Manual Contents

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How to Customize the Default Login Screen
You can customize the default login screen. Your Campus Name can appear onscreen throughout your Trac system. You can send a message to all users and provide instructions to log in. A Campus section provides a custom help link and message. The window colors can default to your school colors, and your school logo can appear in the upper-right corner of all pages. Each of these settings are global and accessible to the Sys Admin Group through the Utilities and Prefs.

Log in to your Trac system as a Sys Admin and navigate to the Utilities and Prefs... and choose the second tab, System Prefs.

To see your changes take immediate effect, we recommend that you open your Trac system in two separate browser windows or tabs. Log in to your Trac system with one browser window, but leave the second window at the default login page. After saving a change through your System Prefs, then refresh/reload your default login page to see the change as it appears onscreen.

Click on the MsgsAll link to create or edit an HTML message on the default login screen. Enter your custom message in the Data field and click to Save your message. You may format the message with HTML tags to bold, italicize, or underline your text. You can also format the color or add links to the message for the users that visit this page.

Click on the CampusName link to edit the Campus Name that will appear in the upper-right corner of every page in the Trac system, each report, and also in the Campus Information in the upper-left corner of your default login screen.

Click on the LoginLinkData link to create or edit a campus specific message and a help link for your users on the default login screen. The help link can be a web link (http) or it can be an email link (mailto). The message is entered with a WYSIWYG editor to help you format the display of your message.

Click on the campusColorData link to set the default title bar background color for the Trac system windows. All users working in the Trac system will see this color on the window title bars. This may take some experimenting to get a color that you like. Most institutions will set the color to match a school color.


Your Trac system will display your School Logo in the upper-right corner of each page. The Trac system will load the file automatically when it is in place on the server. The file needs to be in GIF format and named SchoolBanner.gif and placed in your TracWeb40 folder. The TracWeb40 folder is in the Webfolder of your Trac installation directory. If your Trac product was installed in the C:\Trac directory, then the SchoolBanner.gif file needs to be placed in the C:\Trac\Webfolder\TracWeb40 folder. If your Trac system is installed on a Mac, then the installation folder might be HD:Applications:Trac, then the SchoolBanner.gif file needs to be placed in the HD:Applications:Trac:Webfolder:TracWeb40 folder. The recommended size of your image is a maximum height of 75 pixels and maximum width of 350 pixels. These are simply recommendations and you can upload an image of another size, but it may shift some of the other items onscreen.

The following preferences are located in the Advanced Prefs Tab of your Utilities & Prefs and can also add to a customized feel for your Trac system. Keep in mind that some may need to be created, if they do not already exist by default.


The default login screen can contain a campus information box to the left of the login window. The campusboxShow setting allows you to enter a value of No to hide the campus information box.


If the campus information box is showing on the default login screen, you can also set the title of the box. The default title is simply 'Campus'. Enter another title into the value for this preference to rename the campus information box.


The password field on the default login screen is simply titled 'Password'. Modify the LABEL:Password setting to change the title of the password field on the default login screen.


The username field on the default login screen is simply titled 'User Name'. Modify the LABEL:UserName setting to change the title of the username field on the default login screen.