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Getting Started Contents

Resources for Getting Help
Plan to Succeed
Install Your Software
Configure Your Trac System
Getting Started With Your Trac System

Thank you for using the Getting Started Guide. We ("Redrock Software Corporation") hope that you find this guide helpful. In order to make this guide more powerful, it will present different scenarios that you might encounter and provide you with the information and tools to successfully resolve any roadblocks you may experience. To make the scenarios meaningful, much of this guide will be written to "you". We apologize in advance to any English majors for any irritation that "you" may suffer.

Once you have moved forward with the decision to implement a Trac 4.0 system for your institution, the real work begins. The Getting Started Guide is designed to assist you with your initial set up and to help you organize your plan for implementing the Trac software. This guide is not just for beginners, but will contain much information that is powerful for the experienced users as well. The Getting Started Guide, however, is not a comprehensive, all-inclusive, answer-all-your questions guide. Do not forget to refer to the User Manual, Administrator Documentation, Technical Documentation, and FAQs for some more details and specific instructions.

With more than 40 years of combined technical support experience, it is still amazing to see how many individuals move forward with a project to implement a software product without the proper planning and preparation. It does not matter if you have access to unlimited resources or if you are implementing a Trac system on your own, an implementation plan is essential to your success. This guide is dedicated to the planning process.

One of the great things about the Trac system is that it can be managed by a small unit without IT Support, shared between multiple offices or departments, or implemented institution-wide across any number of campuses located anywhere in the world. The Trac license is a institution-wide license and it is up to you and your institution to what level you will implement your software. This is not a place for Redrock Software Corporation to get involved in the decision-making process, but we can be available to answer questions and participate in calls and discussions with the necessary decision-makers from your institution.

The Trac application can be installed and customized with different server configurations and the user interface options. While we are here to guide you through the setup processes and support you in determining your optimal configuration, we will not make the decisions for your system. In order to best help you, we will need accurate information from you so instruction is given with an understanding of all the variables and your needs.

Because the Trac system can be configured in so many different ways, learning everything about the Trac system is a daunting task. We understand and we are here to help and there are many resources available to help you with your Trac system. Use the Getting Started Guide, User Manual, Tech Manual, FAQs, and sign up for your training sessions with the Redrock Support Team.

Thank you,
Redrock Software Corporation

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