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Technical and Installation FAQs

How do I install the software?

The Trac software will be available for download after purchase has been made. Contact Support@Go-Redrock.com for the link to download the latest release of the software. The download link will provide a complete installation package, including the web server and database. On a Windows server, the download will be a self-extracting exe file that will install the Trac application on the C: drive. On a Mac server, the download will be a complete Trac folder with the necessary web files, database, and Trac package that can be copied to your Applications folder.

Can the server be assigned a DHCP IP Address?

No, the Trac application requires a static server IP Address. The IP Address is used to check your installation code and also to access your Trac application web interface.

Can I install the Trac application on multiple computers?

Your Trac application will only be installed on a single computer. This computer will be the server (even if it is not 'server' hardware). The users can access your Trac application from any web-enabled device on the network. As a web-based application, there is no need to install the software on any other computer.

Can I install the Trac application on a virtual machine?

Yes, the Trac application runs fine on virtual servers.

Why does the Trac application quit whenever it is started?

Windows Server 2003 and 2008 utilize a security feature called Data Execution Prevention (DEP) to restrict the server to only run accepted applications. When the DEP is enabled, your Trac application will immediately shut down whenever started. The DEP settings need to be adjusted to include the Trac application as an exception to the DEP settings. The DEP settings are found in the System Properties on the server.

Can the Trac application use the campus LDAP or Active Directory to log in users?

Yes, the Trac application is LDAP and Active Directory compatible. The authentication would be customized by Redrock Software. Redrock Software would need the LDAP/AD Server Address, Base DN, and a valid username & password to create, test, and implement the LDAP/AD Authentication script.

Can the Trac application be integrated with our campus Portal, Single Sign-On (SSO), CAS, WebAuth, or other?

Yes, the Trac application can integrate with Portals, SSO, CAS, or WebAuth. This integration is customized by Redrock Software. Redrock Software would work with your campus IT Dept to fully integrate the Trac application.

How can our Trac website be secured?

Redrock Software recommends utilizing a 3rd party application named Stunnel to encrypt the data between the web server and the users' web browsers. Stunnel is a free, open-source SSL wrapper that is installed on the server with the Trac application. The Trac application would speak with Stunnel without encryption on the local server. Then Stunnel would encrypt the data and speak with the users' browsers.

Can we use an SQL database for the Trac application?

No, the Trac application utilizes a 4th Dimension database (http://www.4d.com). The web server front end is developed specifically for use with this integrated database. A future version of the Trac application will utilize an SQL database.

Can we run our Trac site from an IIS or Apache web server?

No, the Trac application utilizes a custom web server developed by Redrock Software. The web server was developed to integrate fully with the built-in 4th Dimension database.

Can our Student Information System integrate with our Trac application?

The Trac application can import data from any source as long as it is provided in the correct format. The data needs to be provided in a flat file format. .TXT, .CSV, .DAT, .LIS, and .XML are examples of valise file formats. The Trac application will not import data from Excel files. The data must be saved in a flat format. The order and delimiter of the fields is completely up to your preference, however, the format, order, and delimiter of the fields must remain consistent with every import. Redrock Software recommends that the student demographic data be imported with the students' course registrations and course instructors.

Can the Trac application run as a service on the server?

Yes, the Trac application can be run as a service so a user is not required to remain logged on to the server for the Trac application to run. The Trac application is installed as a service by utilizing a small application named Winserv. See http://wiki.go-redrock.com/index.php?Winserv for more detail to install the service with the Winserv utility.

User FAQs

What is a Profile?

A Center Profile is a new feature introduced in version 4.0. A Center Profile allows you to set up users, consultants, groups, and centers that share preferences and settings. The Groups will establish group privileges and settings for users and consultants. The Centers will share the global profile settings, but the groups' and users' access can be limited by center.

Why would I need another Profile?

Another Profile would be needed when multiple centers cannot agree on the settings within the same Profile. There are three key areas of settings in which centers might have a conflict: Log In/Out, Appointment Scheduling, and Email Settings.

Can I add a Profile to my existing Trac system?

Yes, a Profile may be added to an existing system at any time.

How do I set up another Profile?

First, you need to purchase a Profile License by contacting Sales@Go-Redrock.com. Second, you need to choose Center Profiles from your Trac Navigation Search Glass. From the Center Profile Listing, choose Create New from the List Options menu. Third, you need to name your Center Profile and save it. When you save your Profile, your Profile is assigned a Sequence number. Finally, email that Sequence number to Redrock Support<Support@Go-Redrock.com>. Redrock Support will generate a unique Activation Code for your Profile and you can enter that code to activate your Center Profile.

How do I set up multiple centers?

A Centers tab appears at the top of your Profile Entry screen. This tab gives access to the unique Centers that are set up for the Profile. A Center in the Trac application is a unit that has unique Consultants, Schedules, Visits, and Reports. The Centers will most often be setup according to unique departments, however, you may set up your Centers according to any convention that fits your needs.

How do I set our school logo?

The Trac system provides a place for a logo image to appear as a banner in the upper-right corner of your Trac system web pages. The banner is a GIF image file named SchoolBanner.gif and is placed on the Trac server in the Webfolder/TracWeb40 folder of your Trac application installation directory. Redrock Software recommends an image height no greater than 75 pixels for your banner. Consider the users' screen resolutions when considering the width of the banner image. A Trac System Administrator can upload the banner image through the Trac system via the Utilities & Prefs.

How do I change the Trac colors?

A Trac System Administrator can set up the default colors of the titles and title bars on the Trac system windows. The Trac System Administrator can set these colors from the System Preferences found in the Utilities & Prefs. The Preference Code cc sets the title bar color. The Preference Code ct sets the title text color. The colors set with these settings will be the default for all users when they access the Trac system.

How do I change the login instructions?
How do I set up a nice URL or website to access the Trac system?

Your Trac application serves the Trac system web pages from the IP Address of the server. Your Trac system will be accessible via web browser by entering the IP Address as the URL.

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