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Assigning Reasons to a Subcenter
Once our Reasons have been created, we can “add” Reasons to your Subcenters individually. For this next example, let’s say we have a Reason and a Subcenter – General Advising and the Advising Center. We would like the General Advising reason to be available in the Advising Center.

We can add the Reason to a center by first choosing a Subcenter through the Subcenter Options drop down menu. For the General Advising Reason, we would choose the Advising Center.


After we have selected the Advising Center, the system notifies us above the Subcenter Options.


At this point we have two checkboxes beside each Reason, one to the left and one to the right (in the center of the window). The checkbox on the left side determines whether or not the Reason is active on a global level (for all Subcenters). The checkbox on the right determines whether or not the reason is active for the selected Subcenter (above). Make sure the checkbox on the left of the Reason “General Advising” is active.


Because we want to activate the General Advising Reason for the Advising Center, make sure the Advising Center has been chosen, and then activate the checkbox on the right to add the Reason to the Subcenter.


Now when the list of Reasons refreshes, the General Advising Reason shows a Subcenter Assignment to the Advising Center.


(Keep in mind that in the last screenshot, the checkbox on the right is deactivated as the Subcenter selection has since changed)

Subcenter Options
Adding Reasons to Subcenters can be done individually as shown through the process detailed above. Reasons can be added to multiple Subcenters simply by repeating the process for different Subcenters. There are several tools, however, under your Subcenter Options that allow some convenient shortcuts to be utilized.


Add These To: The Add These To function will add ALL reasons to the selected Subcenter.

Remove These From: The Remove These From function will remove ALL reasons from the selected Subcenter.

Find Reasons Not in: The Find Reasons Not in function will find ALL reasons not assigned to the selected Subcenter.

Find Reasons in: The Find Reasons in function will find ALL reasons that ARE assigned to the selected Subcenter.