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Setting Up Your Trac System
  1. Utilities and Prefs
  2. Center Profile
  3. Groups
  4. Users
  5. Consultants
  6. Sections
  7. Reasons
  8. Profile Prefs
  9. My Prefs

What is a Center Profile

A Center Profile is a set up of unique subcenters, users, consultants, settings, and preferences. A single Trac application comes with a single Profile by default; however, additional Profiles may be purchased if you have some centers that operate in a slightly different manner from the original Profile. A Profile is related to a product type (TutorTrac, AdvisorTrac, LabTrac, or FitnessTrac) and will have some unique features enabled for the Profile.

Accessing the Profile

The Center Profile can only be accessed by users assigned to a group with Admin privileges to the Profile. By default, users in the Sys Admin group will have Admin privilege to all Profiles. A user will access the Profile through the Trac Navigation Search Menu. The Search Menu appears when the cursor rolls over the Search Glass on the Trac Navigation Search Bar. Choose Center Profiles from the Search Menu.

Center Profile Listing

The Center Profile Listing appears when Center Profiles are searched from the Trac Navigation window. The Center Profile Listing will only display the Profiles to which your assigned group has Admin access. The Listing will display the following information about each Profile: Name, Active, Product, Email, and Primary Group. The Profile Name is a link to the Center Profile Entry. Click the Profile Name to edit the Profile.

Center Profile Entry

The Profile entry allows you to enter and define settings that will apply to the all users that access your Trac application through the Profile. The Profile entry consists of the following tabs to set up your system:

  • General
  • Groups
  • Consultants
  • Sections
  • Reasons
  • Prefs

  • You can change the label for consultants (ie. Tutors, Advisers, etc.) by choosing from the drop down list, or by typing in your preference.
  • If your profile becomes deactivated you will need to email Redrock Support the Sequence number and Profile type (TutorTrac, AdvisorTrac etc)and you will be provided with the Profile Activation Code.

Create a Center Profile

After changing the utilities and preferences you should establish a profile.

Each profile within a trac application can have its own unique settings and preferences. Each profile requires a separate license and activation code. Within each profile, you can establish an unlimited number of subcenters.

  • At the main menu screen go to the search glass and click on centers.

  • When the Center Profile Listing window opens click on List Options and then click on New Center...

  • Enter in a name for the profile and choose the Trac product. Then enter in your contact information and click Save.

  • After it has been saved a sequence code will be generated. Email the sequence code and the profile type (i.e. Tutortrac) to Redrock Support and you will be provided with the activation code. Enter the activation code in the Profile Activation Code field and click Save.