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Trac 4.0 has been highly anticipated and is a big release for the Trac products. 3.0 has been a stable release with a high number of features, however, it was time for a new look and navigation within the program. To take advantage of new HTML and JavaScript capabilities, it was time to re-develop the products from the ground up. 4.0 is the result of many months of development and re-development and has brought the Trac products back to a single interface while maintaining each Trac product's individual feature set. The Getting Started pages will walk you through the various set up pages in the Trac 4.0 system.

Many tools are available to provide you with instruction and direction when setting up your Trac system. User guides and this RedrockWiki site are available for online support and reference. A ListServ is provided for AdvisorTrac and TutorTrac users. Technical support is available via email and phone. Online training sessions may also be scheduled with Redrock Support personnel to assist you with your Trac system. Redrock Software Corporation also hosts an annual conference for AdvisorTrac and TutorTrac users to gather and receive in-person training and network with other users each spring.


TutorTrac and AdvisorTrac users may sign up for a ListServ to participate in discussions and share ideas with other Trac system users. The ListServ is available at http://listserv.go-redrock.com:81/read/all_forums/. You can download the instructions for joining the ListServ here - ListServ Instructions.

Technical Support

Technical support is offered at no additional cost to annual maintenance subscribers. You can email support@go-redrock.com with support questions at any time. Redrock Software strives to respond to technical support issues as quickly as possible. Some requests may be more involved and require more time to resolve, however, most support questions will be resolved the same day as they are submitted.
Technical Support Request Forms are available to submit support questions.

Online Training

Online training sessions are offered at no additional cost to annual maintenance subscribers. We have a limited number of training slots available each week. We suggest that new Trac Administrators sign up for 3-4 sessions after their Trac system is installed to setup the Trac system preferences and user privileges. Online Training sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.
Maintenance subscribers utilize the online Training Request Forms to request training sessions for their Trac system.

AdvisorTrac/TutorTrac Conference

An annual conference for AdvisorTrac and TutorTrac users is hosted by Redrock Software Corporation in Mesa, AZ. This conference is held for 3 days during March or April each year in beautiful Arizona spring weather. The conference consists of several sessions led by Redrock Support personnel and by experienced AdvisorTrac and TutorTrac users. The annual conference has a minimal registration cost and is only available to annual maintenance subscribers. Users are notified of upcoming conference information via email and the ListServ. Be sure that Redrock Support has your contact information so you can receive these updates.